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Dr. Ian Cholewa located at 2395 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753, USA

If you require further information, book an appointment or need answers to a question, please feel free to contact us by (808) 874-3400

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Eric Hartmann

5 Google Rating

My relative saw him and was really helped. He is a really good doctor and thorough in assessment.

5/ 5

My relative saw him and was really helped. He is a really good doctor and thorough in assessment. He takes the time to listen to the patient.


5 Google Rating

I think of myself as an average, very conventional kind of guy. I honestly didn't know and didn't ca

5/ 5

I think of myself as an average, very conventional kind of guy. I honestly didn't know and didn't care what "naturopathic" medicine entailed. I figured it was probably herbal concoctions and maybe meditation or yoga. If I was sick and thought it was serious enough, then I would simply call my primary care doctor. If the situation required it, he would refer me to a specialist. Problem solved. Well, unfortunately, this approach has failed me miserably over the past eighteen months. Out of the blue, I developed some truly aggravating symptoms and I was suffering. I was miserable and angry. Nobody seemed to have a clue what was wrong with me. Maui has a limited number of specialists, and for my ailment, I feel as though I consulted with most of them. I took dozens of different pills and applied many different potent ointments. Nothing worked. I was supremely frustrated. Ultimately, a friend of a friend recommended Dr. Cholewa. She said that like myself, she had gradually become convinced that conventional medicine was at a loss to help her. I was a bit skeptical but I had few other options, so I called him and made an appointment. That call changed my life. After an examination, Dr. Cholewa slowly and carefully explained what was going on in my body. He detailed why a mainstream diagnosis from a traditional doctor using conventional technology would not, and actually, could not, get to the root cause of my symptoms. His regimen of very specific prescription pharmaceuticals gave me what I had wanted for so long: relief. I will always be grateful for that.

Nicole Fechtig

5 Google Rating

Dr. Ian Cholewa has quite literally given me my life back. His skill as a practitioner, both with r

5/ 5

Dr. Ian Cholewa has quite literally given me my life back. His skill as a practitioner, both with regard to diagnostic technique and treatment, are in the utmost of integrity. His skill set is refined, accurate, and his methods well-researched. His professional excellence combined with his compassionate nature define him as one of the greatest physicians from whom I have had the privilege to receive treatment. I highly recommend him as a physician, especially for medical conditions of intestinal nature with sudden onset and severe symptom presentation; those types of conditions often diagnosed by the western medical community as chronic, life-long and only treatable with long-term use of pharmaceutical medication. He has helped me when all other approaches have failed. He is a gift to the community of Maui.

Maribeth Theisen

5 Google Rating

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Cholewa and his methods. I have seen him and referred several f

5/ 5

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Cholewa and his methods. I have seen him and referred several friends and my own patients. His methods deal with the underlying cause of illness or mood problems, but these can be very complex issues and can require a commitment of time, energy, money and lifestyle. I feel my health, happiness and quality of life are worth it. Dr. Cholewa has a wealth of knowledge. He is very clear about what you can expect and what course of treatment will be like. While you may have episodes of feeling worse while your body is clearing toxins and rebuilding, if you stick with it, you will feel better than ever! If you stop in the middle of it, you may feel worse. If you are diagnosed with parasites, understand that traditional allopathic medicine does not have adequate testing for them. I have seen my counseling patients recover from depression and anxiety after they have worked with Dr. Cholewa, making my job of dealing with self-esteem, childhood abuse, and relationships so much easier. Thank you Dr. Ian!

J Michelle

5 Google Rating

I am a retired chiropractor and let me just say that I would highly recommend Dr. Ian, especially fo

5/ 5

I am a retired chiropractor and let me just say that I would highly recommend Dr. Ian, especially for anyone with a chronic and or difficult health issue. I was referred to him by several friends and or piers who told me that he had been helping them with good results, and so finally I went to see him and I am so glad that I did. He has been helping me get rid of flukes and roundworms, which are parasites that can cause all manner of debilitating and chronic symptoms, and also which are very common but not usually easily diagnosed or treated. Dealing with and getting rid of parasites can be a complex endeavor, requiring discipline and patience, as they live in cycles and different stages in the human body, and most regular doctors don't really have a clue how to find them or treat them. I trust Dr. Ian very much and now after several months I am finally getting to the other side of this problem, which is great for me, considering I believe I have had a parasite related illness for over 20 years, and no MDs were willing or able to help me with this particular issue, and I finally was led to Dr. Ian, who has proven to me that he CAN actually help me, and I am feeling a huge sense of relief, as I am doing better all the time now, and sleeping better too. I am still following up with him on the parasite issue, and ALSO other issues as well. He has been doing what he does and using the Vega machine for decades, and I do highly recommend him over any other doctor I know of on the island. I would like to add that Dr. Ian is obviously competent and knowledgeable, but also he is very kind and patient, and gives you the sense that as long as you are willing to get better, he will be willing to help you get there.

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