Irvine Dental Care located at 11 Wake Green Rd, Birmingham B13 9HB, UK

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Irvine Dental Care birmingham
Irvine Dental Care birmingham
Irvine Dental Care birmingham

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d simpson

5 Google Rating

Fabulous practice. Couldn't praise this practice anymore if i tried. From the moment you step foot i

5/ 5

Fabulous practice. Couldn't praise this practice anymore if i tried. From the moment you step foot inside is beautiful and relaxed. So tastefully decorated i doubt if many practices in Brum look like this. Kirsty the dentist is wonderful and so accommodating and knows just about everything there is to know about dentistry. Great team she has too. Highly professional, understanding and allocate enough time for you talk about what concerns you may have. If your looking for a practice in this area please choose this one because it really is a hidden gem with professionals working to their highest standards.

Juliee Petrova

5 Google Rating

Rejoined the practice after 5 years of being out of Birmingham. Had a lovely welcome back, all the s

5/ 5

Rejoined the practice after 5 years of being out of Birmingham. Had a lovely welcome back, all the same faces but still as mad as ever! :) still got my welcoming cup of tea!

alan meadows

1 Google Rating

i contacted this practice regarding my requirement for an implant related crown . the receptionist k

1/ 5

i contacted this practice regarding my requirement for an implant related crown . the receptionist kirsty indicated in an e-mail that they might be able to provide this treatment, asked me for implant type, I supplied this . she said she would respond by e-mail , she didn't . so after a couple of weeks I personally called in , wheres my e-mail from kirsty I asked, oh its not kirsty who deals with e-mails its mandy. and shes on holiday, anyway our orthodontist implant surgeon isn't here either, but I can tell you she continued that its unlikely we can do a crown for the implant type ,as its not one of the makes we have the appropriate tool for. Ive made houses virtually in my sleep , ive delivered hundreds of cycles using alan keys. multi spanners, ect ect ect. all garenteed unlike my current spelling to be intirely safe!!!! and provided properly, please can you explain to me why the dramatists in all aspects of the delivery in the dental treatment service , give people of other proffesions the impression in the u.k that they are over subscribed and pretentious pratts quite frankly , and in all but one instance where ive asked for proper and appropriate information from little nail glossing girl receptionists have I received anything other than dis information , where there enthusiasm for the job , the exciting bits comes from clawing money from the public , under pretention and conditions of sometimes an entirely basis of deceipt and mis guidance , personally id take em outside the practices alongside there oh so amazing dental practitioners turn thm upside down so the spare change comes out there pockets , than tan there himys (little botties) perhaps ive added a little humour , to an industry that as usuall is fab for wealthy folk, but for the working classes with way more insight , patience and track records we find the approach and representational aspects of this industry abhorant. they think far to much about themselves . I challenge any implant surgeon or (any little girly reception . come on this is some opportunity for such a forum, I guess some of these people who are ast least on the surface nice people , yet in asmall region of say birminham I bet very few implatntists or receptioists have this year or in any othercome to think about it had an opportunity to chat , if they did do who or what would provide the basis of there communication . where would the most appropriate referances be provided . would there be simle referals to the new equipment coming out of th usa , are mini implants now proven to be as long lasting as the more usually used ones. hows the 2016 discount scheme going to work , are we able or do we want to sell! the groupon service, are we to offer payment plans?? which of us will do this , can we remember if we do this already, do our receptioists know exactly how to represent this . ok iv e said very little , wake green amongst several south Birmingham practises fail in several respects to be respected , lets make this an open forum, what do former patients think , regarding costs , is it interesting that a shadow is cast from every day persons who could do a bit more than put a airfix kit together to make an opinion of this sort on this n.h.s. /private service. obviously aspects of there public service works quite well customers go home happy , its only the dentists can do this work , so well pay and cut our losses then run. when were asked what the dentan experience was like , we say so easily oh there ever so good ther, ever so helpful , charming , and most importantly , look ive got all me treatment done and ive still got some money left for my daughters dress . why should we complain. why shuld I infer corriuptive practice, its all so obvious this is a balanced thriving little cottage industry , wehy should I cast any aspersions . well there we are my own impression of most of the practices ive visited In the south birminham area

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