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Seckin Endometriosis Center located at 872 5th Ave, New York, NY 10065, USA

If you require further information, book an appointment or need answers to a question, please feel free to contact us by (212) 988-1444

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Need to know more about this business, please call us during business hours or visit our website and can get more information of Seckin Endometriosis Center by https://www.drseckin.com/

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Adelyn C.

1 Google Rating

My experience with Dr Seckin and his staff was bizarre. His purpose is misrepresented. For over two

1/ 5

My experience with Dr Seckin and his staff was bizarre. His purpose is misrepresented. For over two decades, my life was a nightmare, until I found Dr Andre Saad of Woman's Health Pavilion. He's competent and humble. I am finally free from suffering. Dr Seckin asked, 'where is your husband?' and 'how do you pay for things?' He was out of line, since I listed myself as single, to avoid discussing the extreme abuse I endured. I worked and paid cash for everything including college, prior to my traumatic, preeclampsia pregnancy, which left my daughter with multiple disabilities, and me with ten years of gradually increased suffering. Talking lasted less than five minutes. His door was wide open while I was inside, although he always closed it. His assistant did my sonogram, then she asked him to double check, which lasted one minute. I was sent to his office, while he hovered near the receptionist. I didn't see/speak with him again until after the MRI. I was twice assured by Holly that my fee covered my MRI. In reality it was a deception. Lucy's excuse was, 'sorry for the miss-communication'. They want you to think that your fee covers testing. Meanwhile they charge your insurance, despite 'not accepting' it. Lucy's emails were both rude and unprofessional. She didn't know the difference between 'you are' and 'your', and she spelt 'therefore' as 'there for'. Also, some of her sentences were confusing/improper English language. Days later, I requested a prescription for pain; Kim had me waiting six hours before she sent it to my pharmacy. Holly asked me to, 'visit the office after your MRI, because we usually have it the same day', yet I was ignored when I checked the status, and forced to sit for over four hours. I requested a copy of my sonogram, but only received an unofficial image with scribbles of findings on one side. I finally saw Dr Seckin, door wide open again, standing at the side of his desk, waving papers; he asked me 'what do you want to do?' I asked for an explanation of my MRI and sonogram but he said, 'the surgery will take care of it'. When I told him that my funding did not come through, he agreed to refer me to a surgeon. After calling for a week and begging for the referral, I realized that he lied. Holly kept pretending to email it, then pretending to forget, after which she sent me a random listing for a doctor with zero good reviews, who is not even an OBGYN. So... 'The Doctor Will See You Now', and also be nice to you, but only if you have outrageous amounts of money to offer him.

Thomas Woska

5 Google Rating

Without Dr. Seckin I can confidently say I am scared to consider where our daughter might be. At 14

5/ 5

Without Dr. Seckin I can confidently say I am scared to consider where our daughter might be. At 14 she began to complain of odd symptoms we could not understand; migraines,a pain under her ribs, severe back pain, vomiting. During her period she would miss school for 3-4 days. A motivated student and passionate athlete, she began to withdraw. She was lethargic and started becoming anxious. My husband and I were conflicted. Often angry that she was missing school and checking out of life, we didn’t know how much to push. By the end of 10th grade she was missing so much school that she was put on home instruction. We desperately searched for answers taking her to; the pediatrician, the neurologist, an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, three gynecologists and a psychiatrist. She was prescribed three types of continuous birth control over the course of a year and given vitamin D supplements, Topamax, Imitrex, Prevacid, Valium and Lexapro. Nothing was helping and at 16 she was spending 90% of her time in a dark bedroom. Doctors were telling us there was nothing they could do. After her neurologist recognized a pattern in her migraines and suggested they might be hormonal, I began to look at the possibility of endometriosis. On one particularly dark depressing day, I picked up the phone and called Dr. Seckin’s office. I was barely able to speak, drained from explaining this story to one more doctor’s office. When Holli picked up the phone she gave me her full attention. She spoke to me like she understood and for the first time in over two years, I didn’t feel crazy. We scheduled an appointment and I had a feeling of hope. We met with Dr. Seckin in early October. He asked us many questions about her symptoms. Many of the symptoms he inquired about, my daughter had, but a good number she did not. As she started to say “No” to symptom after symptom, I got nervous and remember feeling physically ill. “I’m wrong. This isn’t it.” I mentioned that I had struggled with infertility and endometriosis, but that my symptoms were never as strong as hers. He seemed to know then that more exploring was needed. Charlotte had an ultrasound and Dr. Seckin scheduled an MRI. He was compassionate, soft spoken and confident, yet I still felt unsure. Endometriosis was my daughter’s disease but it lashed out at me, making me unsure of every decision and of every doctor. I wanted a definite answer. I wasn’t sure I could hold on until surgery to find out. He sensed my anxiety and promised she would get into surgery very soon. Surgery was 11/16/17 We assumed it would take about an hour and we expected to go home that day. But, what is expected is not always what occurs. She went in at 11 and when Dr. Seckin finally came to the waiting area at 1:30 he said, “She was a very sick girl. Endometriosis was on her appendix. I took it out. She will come back” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Her appendix was the cause of her nausea. Dr. Seckin explained how rare this was. The first week of recovery was tough. She was recovering and unfortunately got her period 4 days after surgery. It was very painful and we were really anxious. However, within a few days she started perking up. It’s hard to describe what it is like but the best way is to say that the “light was turned back on”. She had been dark and despondent for so long that we almost forgot the funny, sarcastic, witty kid she is. The second weekend after surgery, she went out with friends Friday and Saturday night. That might be expected for a normal 16 year old but it had not happened in well over a year. She also started making plans for next summer, talking about a job and a writing camp. Our daughter lost a lot in the 2 years she since she started feeling the effects of endometriosis. Her academics suffered and she will likely have a slightly different path toward college, but without Dr. Seckin, college wasn’t even a consideration. Dr. Seckin saved her life and we do not have the words to adequately praise or thank him.

Rebecca Black

5 Google Rating

Fast forward 5 years to find out incidentally I had a failing kidney. My left kidney was only functi

5/ 5

Fast forward 5 years to find out incidentally I had a failing kidney. My left kidney was only functioning at 18%. During this time, I was preparing all my documents to send to Dr. Seckin to review. However, with this new information I put everything on hold and went to a urologist. After a few months, no one could figure out why I had a blocked ureter and a ureteral reimplantation surgery was scheduled and completed. Just when I thought I found the answers, I started getting the symptoms again. About 3 months post op, I got my first post surgery period and I thought I was going to die. It only got worse. Each month increased my level of chronic pain, bladder urgency, swelling in my joints (pretty much whole body), thigh and hip pain, increased frequency of heartburn, increased frequency of migraines, extreme fatigue yet chronic insomnia, anxiety, weight gain and really the list goes on. I’ve seen 25+ doctors in the last 6 years and tested for over 30 diseases to find a solution to my problem. After I had to leave my job, I became a full time patient with each month getting worse. My periods put me out of commission for at least a week each month. After my period, I felt okay until I started to ovulate and my hormones changed, everything progressed downhill until after the next period. I’d always speculated and believed this whole thing was from my endometriosis doctor. But, every single doctor told me it couldn’t be. I thought I was losing my mind. Then I read Dr. Seckin’s book. There is another patient in his book who had very similar kidney problems. I knew I had to make an appointment. It took about 2 months to get an appointment. Going into the appointment, I was incredibly nervous. Thankfully my husband was with me but he really doesn’t know the stress caused by each failed doctors appointment. He wasn’t with me while I sat in the parking lot and cried after each appointment feeling like a complete failure. Prior to my appointment, I had a pelvic MRI. He is the first doctor to ever have me do this. Over the years, I endured countless tests, procedures and bloodwork, but this was the first MRI. He was able to have my results by the time of my appointment. Since we live out of state, we wanted to make sure we could get everything done in a short amount of time. During my appointment, he called us into his office and spoke with us for a while about my medical history and my medical records. Then he did an exam and reviewed the MRI results. That’s when he paused and my heart stopped. He reported that most of my issues are stemming from the endometriosis and endometriomas but I also had adneomyosis. I’d never heard of that before and no one ever mentioned it. The only cure for adenomyosis was a hysterectomy and he could excise the endometriosis. I also had to have a urology surgeon and a gastrointestinal surgeon in my procedure because of my extensive issues. We had to coordinate with all the doctors but it worked out great. Kim and Dr. Seckin’s team is fantastic. I can’t say nice enough things about them! My surgery was on March 31, 2017. From the first moment I woke up, I felt a huge relief in my abdomen. I can’t even really explain it to you. It’s like this infectious thing was finally removed. Despite the pain from the surgery, I immediately felt better. That’s how painful and chronic my pain has been for the past 5 years. I spent 1 night in the hospital. Dr. Seckin removed my uterus only and excised the endometriosis. I am now 8 weeks out and I can’t even tell you how amazing I feel. The migraines haven’t subsided completely but the frequency decreased. 90% of my symptoms are gone. My belly finally deflated and my energy is going back up. I walked every day after my surgery. Even the day after. I can’t emphasize that enough. I truly believe the walking, despite being awful some days, helped tremendously with the pace of my recovery. Dr. Seckin saved my life.

Lauren Rodriguez

5 Google Rating

I researched and found Dr. Seckin after dealing with years of doctors who couldn't help me or refuse

5/ 5

I researched and found Dr. Seckin after dealing with years of doctors who couldn't help me or refused to go the extra mile for their patients. I have to say I am truly blessed to have found such a compassionate and talented doctor. He is exquisite with everything he does, and both his team at the office and surgical team that assisted during my procedure were absolutely wonderful. You can call on him whenever necessary and he listens with open ears and an open heart and that's very rare these days. I had my last follow up for a while yesterday and the comparison from how I felt all this time prior to surgery to now - it's just not somewhere I thought I'd see. These conditions we face are not to be ignored, always listen to your gut even if other doctors are not aiding you. Someone else is around the corner, and I am so beyond blessed to have found Dr. Seckin. He has given me back my natural smile in life, it is no longer a forced "smile through the pain" look anymore. I can now fully enjoy all of the things I previously could not and I have him and his wonderful teams to thank; so - THANK YOU.

Monique Roberts

5 Google Rating

I'll never stop praising Dr. Seckin and his team. He literally gave me back my life.

5/ 5

I'll never stop praising Dr. Seckin and his team. He literally gave me back my life.

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